Sunderdhunga Valley Glacier Trek in Bageshwar

Sunderdhunga Valley Glacier Trek in Bageshwar: From the name of this valley, you must be guessing that it is not a golden stone? Whether you call Sunderdhunga a valley or a glacier, the beauty of the entire Kumaon division is amazing. If you are a trekking lover then this could be the best decision for you to visit here.

Sunderdhunga Valley Glacier Trek in Bageshwar
Sunderdhunga Valley Glacier Trek in Bageshwar

The plains of Uttarakhand are lavish with natural beauty. Which attracts tourists from all over the country and the world. One such beautiful place is the Sunderdhunga Valley located in the Bageshwar district of the state of Uttarakhand. From where the snow-capped mountains and glaciers are visible. Pindar Ghati and Kafni Glacier are also present in this valley nearby.

Sunderdhunga Valley Glacier Trek in Bageshwar

Sunderdhunga Valley, this wonderful valley of Bageshwar district is full of adventure tourism, here you can do trekking to camping. The beauty of the Sunderdhunga Valley, which is situated in the valley of the Himalayas is beautiful and unbelievable. Are you wondering what kind of valley in the Himalayas will this be? The stone is called “Dhunga” in the language of Garhwal and Kumaon of Uttarakhand. That’s why this valley of golden stones is called “Sundardhunga”.

For the last few years, thousands of tourists used to reach every year, but in the year 2013, the disaster had devastated the valleys of Uttarakhand. Due to which the path of Sunderdhunga valley and Kafni glacier has also been damaged. In such a situation, the tourists were not able to reach the Sundardunga valley and the glacier.

Even though your journey will be on foot and may tire you, but there is no need to panic. Where there is a will, where is there away. The beauty of the Sunderdhunga Valley and the aura of the Himalayas will take away all your fatigue.

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Amazing, the beauty of Sundardhunga Valley

Sunderdhunga Valley
Sunderdhunga Valley

This valley, which comes in the Bageshwar district of the Kumaon division of the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand, was called Sunderdhunga because of the presence of golden stones here. “Dhunga” is a Kumaoni word, which means “stone”.

It is said that gold particles used to come out from a big stone near this valley. Local people believe that ‘When the shepherd of the sheep and goats washed their clothes in the river coming out from here, shining particles of gold were stuck in it. Although much researches were done about this and nothing like this was found. It was concluded that the sand particles flowing in the river in the redness of the sun’s rays from a particular angle give the illusion of being golden.

Sunderdhunga Valley: Adventure Of Kumaon

Sunderdhunga located in the Bageshwar district, this valley is very beautiful and wonderful, but reaching here as beautiful as it looks is also a big challenge. To reach here, one has to keep complete preparations. People often call Sunderdhunga valley a glacier, although there is no glacier here.

Sunderdhunga Ghati is the extension spread at the root of the peaks like Meiktoli, Tharkot, Panwalidwar, Magthuni etc. Next to Kathaliya is the confluence of rivers originating from the Mactoli and Tharkot glaciers. Trekking this valley is a brash challenge, but once you reach there, you get a different experience.

The best trekking route in Kumaon, which was earlier located in Almora district and now located in Bageshwar district, has its corridors located at Nandkot, Chhanguch, and Nandghunti. To the east and west of Pindari Glacier are Kafni Glacier and at the bottom are Nandkot and Sunderdhunga Ghati.

Further west the Ramganga River starts from the Namik Glacier. Of these, Pindari Glacier is 3 km long and 1/4 km long. Wide and broadly connected to the Nanda Devi Sanctuary on the southwest slope.

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Where is Sunderdhunga Valley located?

Sunderdhunga Valley Glacier Range
Sunderdhunga Valley Glacier Range

The Himalayan region of Kapkot, located in the northern part of the Bageshwar district, is filled by nature with its precious treasures. There is a lot of beautiful scenery here. One of these is the Sunderdhunga Valley. On reaching this valley spread over the vast land, one feels heaven.

In this area are the sacred Devi and Nanda Kund. Brahmakamal blooms around the kunds. Devotees carry water and Brahma Kamal from the ponds. The golden rays of the sun falling on the valley in the morning make the body and mind cheerful. Nature has decorated this area a lot.

How To Reach Sunderdhunga Valley?

  • Sunderdhunga Valley can be reached from Bageshwar via Kapkot, Karmi, Kharkiya, Khati, Jatauli. Vehicles can go only till Kharkia, from here the journey starts on foot. Tourists reach Khati on foot seven km away from Kharkia through rough roads.
  • After crossing the Sunderdhunga river, there is a slight climb and then on the straight path, the village of Ritting falls. From there seven kilometers reach Jaintoli on foot. Kthelia is reached by walking 14 km. There is also arrangement for the trekkers to stay in Jatoli.
  • After walking 7 km from Jatoli, one gets to see the beautiful and wonderful Sunderdhunga Valley. The distance from Bageshwar here is about 54 kilometers.

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