Must-Try 10 Famous Garhwali & Kumaoni Recipes

Must-Try 10 Famous Garhwali & Kumaoni Recipes: Many people are interested in making it to know about the famous hill dishes from the northern Himalayan states of Uttarakhand, Himachal to the north-east states of India. People living in the high mountain slopes of India can give a new twist to our taste with their unique blend of spices to make these dishes. Food is the mainstay of sustenance and subsistence of any society, culture, and people living in particular geographical conditions.

10 Famous Garhwali & Kumaoni Recipes
10 Famous Garhwali & Kumaoni Recipes

It is the grains grown in the same harsh geographical conditions that make the specialty dishes nutritious as well as delicious in taste. This is the reason that apart from its natural beauty, Uttarakhand is also known for its delicious cuisine. The traditional cuisine of Uttarakhand reflects the culture and lifestyle of the society and the culture of the remote hilly areas present here. For years, these dishes have been the mainstay of the life of the people of Uttarakhand.

Must-Try 10 Famous Garhwali & Kumaoni Recipes

Although there is some variation in culture in both the divisions of Uttarakhand i.e. Kumaon and Garhwal, in both these regions, almost all the food looks the same except for some special dishes, there is a difference in the name. At the same time, there is a change in the food according to the season, such as sesame laddoos or Mandvi Rotis are preferred in winter, while in summer, Chhaj-Jhangora is liked with Rotis. So the pulses grown here are used in the food according to the season.

Uttarakhand not only offers breathtaking natural beauty but also gives you a chance to try these delicious delicacies on your trip to the hill state. So let’s know about the 10 famous Garhwali & Kumaoni recipes of Uttarakhand that you must try during your trip.

Garhwali & Kumaoni Recipes
Garhwali & Kumaoni Recipes
  • Phaanu, Kafuli, Chainsoo, Jholi (pahadi kadhi recipe), Gahat Ke Paratha, Roat, and Baadi are Garhwali dishes. Whereas in Kumaon, Aloo Ke Gutke (Pahadi Jeera Aloo), Bhatt Ke dubke, Thathwani, Palak ka Kapa Recipe, ​​Chudkani, Bhatt ka Jaula recipe, Sisunak Saag (kandali ka saag), etc. are made and eaten in common life.
  • At the same time, to make the taste more deep and delicious chutney Bhangire chutney, Til ki Chutney, radish (mooli ki thechwani), green ground salt add to its taste.
  • On the other hand, Singhal, Jhangore ki Kheer, Singori sweet, Bal Mithai, flour kheer, cham-chuda Pahadi sweet, and mobilizing the body made from grinding rice play a special role in sweet dishes. Some of these recipes are being told to you below.

Aloo Ke gutke recipe

You must have eaten a lot of potato curry such as cumin potato, onion-tomato potato, potato roll, etcetera. People living in hilly areas use this vegetable a lot in their daily routine. The ingredients used to make the vegetable are almost the same It is just that the way of making them is different.

If one is included, Aloo Ke gutke recipe is one of the most popular dishes in Uttarakhand as they are made equally in both Kumaon and Garhwal regions. The potato dish has a mountainous flavor. Potato gutka is eaten with puri and cucumber and curd raita, while this dish is also made in most festivals and we also get to see marriages.

Kumaoni Raita Recipe

Kumaoni Raita Recipe
Kumaoni Raita Recipe

Uttarakhand’s famous raita recipe is equally liked in the Garhwal division and Kumaon division due to its special taste. In Garhwal, it is called “Railu”; the basic ingredient of this raita is Pahari Kakhdi (Cucumber).

Although raita is usually made in every house in the mountains of Uttarakhand, the thing about Kumaoni raita is unique. Due to being a very tasty and special test, Kumaoni Raita has become a trend not only in Uttarakhand but in the country and abroad to make this recipe. Kumaoni Raite has assumed its distinctive form due to the climate and temperature of this region. The basic ingredient of this raita is Pahari Kakhdi (Cucumber). This cucumber (काखड़ी/ककड़ी) starts to be produced only during the rainy days and with the rains, the temperature in the mountain drops and it starts getting cold.

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Gahat ke parathe recipe

To make Gahat’s parathas, the Gahat is soaked overnight and boiled and ground. Then it is cooked like roti by adding salt, chili inside it. Often it is also fried like poori. Its taste increases manifold when served with pumpkin curry. At the same time, with ghee, butter, or Bhangira chutney, its taste becomes delicious. Now both mandwe or wheat flour is used to make it.

Sisunak Saag (kandali ka saag) recipe

In Kumaon and Garhwal, Kandali is known by many names like Kaldi Aala and Sisaun, etc. In Hindi, it is called bichu grass or bichu grass herb, you will get goosebumps after hearing the name scorpion grass and if the kandali really touches any part of the body, then there will be tingling at that place for the next two days, but when the greens of the grass of this kandali were made. If it goes, it is shameful and tasty.

Sisunak Saag (kandali ka saag) is often seen only in the remote mountainous areas of Uttarakhand. Now its existence is being lost in common life. But still, the people of Garhwal eat it with gusto. To make Kandali’s greens, scorpions usually boil the grass and make it edible. Now Kandali is being used in other forms of food as well.

Kafuli Recipe

Not only are the plains of Uttarakhand beautiful, but the taste of traditional food here is also amazing. If you ever want to visit Uttarakhand, then do not forget to taste the famous Kafuli Recipe and rice here. Kafuli Recipe is a famous dish of Uttarakhand, which is very beneficial not only for taste but also for health. This dish is made from Pahari Spinach. But if you do not have Pahari spinach, then you can also make it from the spinach available in the normal market. So let’s know how this Pahadi Tasty Dish Kafuli is made.

To make Kafuli, first, sort the spinach, wash it thoroughly in cold water, put it in a pan with water, and keep it for cooking. Also, add garlic buds. After the spinach is cooked, grind it in a grinder by adding green chilies, garlic buds, ginger. On the other hand, make a batter by adding half a cup of gram flour and some water to a bowl.

Now heat oil in a pan and then add chopped onion and fry it. When onions are fried, add chopped tomatoes and cook. Add all the spices to it and mix. Now add gram flour mixture and stir it for some time. Add grated spinach to the prepared gravy and cook. Your traditional Kafuliis ready. Serve it hot with rice.

Jhangora ki Kheer Recipe

Jhangora ki Kheer is a popular kheer of Uttarakhand. Jhangora with fine white grains is called Sawa in Hindi, which we often make during fasting. This kheer is rich in nutrients like calories, protein, and carbohydrates. You can serve Jhangora kheer in sweets after your meal. You can make it even during your fasting days, this kheer is not only tasty but also beneficial for health.

The method of making Jhangora ki Kheer put the milk to heat and boil it till its quantity reduces to half. Now add saffron, soaked jhangora, raisins, almonds, cashew nuts, and mix well. Let it cook for a while, taking care that the kheer does not become too thick. Kheer is ready, serve it cold or hot as you wish.

Bhang ki Chutney Recipe

Indian snacks and food are incomplete without chutney. Be it daily dal-rice or evening chaat-dumplings, without sour-sweet and spicy chutney, there is some lack of taste. The food and drink of every state of India are different. In this sequence, the taste of each state’s chutney is also different. Till now you must have eaten a lot of Amiya chutney, tomato-onion chutney, bottle gourd chutney, etc. But maybe he would not have eaten cannabis chutney. Bhang ki chutney is very popular in Uttarakhand. It is made in a special way in the mountains.

Bhang is made every time on the occasion of Holi, but why not this time to make cannabis chutney. Bhang ki chutney is very popular in Uttarakhand. It will take you only 10 minutes to make this quick-ready chutney. Ingredients for making hemp chutney: This chutney is prepared from hemp seeds added to mint leaves. Hemp seeds are roasted to make chutney. Along with this, lemon juice is added for sourness in the chutney. How to serve bhang ki chutney: You can also eat it with hemp dumplings. Those are also quite easy to make.

Lingde ki sabji Recipe

Uttarakhand is a state where nature has also gifted the state a natural storehouse of herbs along with beauty. One of them is the famous vegetable found during the rainy season, Linguda. Found in the hilly regions of Uttarakhand, this nutrient-rich lingde is found at an altitude of about 2000m above sea level from June to October in a moist place. Along with eating natural vegetables rich in Ayurvedic properties, they are also sent to the markets.

Linguda, which is the first choice of almost all the hill people. In front of which even the best vegetable is less in taste. And at the same time, it is full of many medicinal properties. Lingad vegetable has many benefits and it is not only a vegetable but also an Ayurvedic medicine. Doctors also believe that Linguda is a panacea for sugar, heart, patients. Linguda does not contain fats and fats at all, nor does it contain cholesterol, so it is very beneficial for heart patients.

Lingada is also considered a good source of all kinds of vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients. By eating it, eyesight increases, and it also works as a medicine for many stomach diseases. It can also be prepared as a vegetable, by mixing it with pickles and other vegetables.

Til ki Chutney Recipe

You will always see pickles or any kind of chutney in Indian food. This definitely enhances the taste of the food. Chutney can be made of anything, it doubles the taste of food. You must be eating chutney of coriander, mint, peanut, etc. often, today we tell you about the recipe of special sesame chutney which is very famous in Uttarakhand.

If you are going somewhere on a journey, then you can make this chutney with you. And children can also give this chutney in tiffin. If you are going for a picnic somewhere, then this chutney will add beauty to your food.

To make this, first put green chilies and garlic in a mixer and grind them lightly. Then add all the remaining ingredients to it and grind till it becomes fine, the delicious chutney is ready. Delicious and spicy to eat, store this chutney in an airtight container and eat it whenever you want. Although this chutney can be eaten every season, it is very beneficial for health, especially during winters.

Chainsoo Recipe

There are many such dishes in Pahari Dish which are not only healthy but also wonderful in taste. One of them is Chainsoo or Chausa recipe made from black lentils (urad dal). This is a famous traditional dish of Uttarakhand which is made in most of the homes. If you want to try something different for lunch, then you can make Chausa. Chausa dal with rice is very tasty to eat, although this recipe is prepared in different ways.

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