Local Cuisine and Street Food of Mussoorie

Local Cuisine and Street Food of Mussoorie: Uttarakhand is such a state on the map of India, which everyone wants to see up close. Along with the high mountains, the plains surrounded by natural beauty, the taste of the cuisine there is very popular. Mussoorie is a popular tourist destination in India so it is no surprise that it has an amazing local cuisine and street food scene.

Local Cuisine and Street Food of Mussoorie
Local Cuisine and Street Food of Mussoorie

Local cuisine, restaurants, cafes, and street food stalls serve a variety of cuisines in Mussoorie, catering to the various tourists visiting the hill station. From Chinese, Tibet to Indian food and even European cuisine, you will be served a lot of great cuisines all over Mussoorie.

Local Cuisine and Street Food of Mussoorie

Mussoorie, a famous tourist place present in Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand, is famous for its natural beauty as well as Tasty Pahari Street Food. Millions of tourists come here every year to visit and take with them memories of the delicious food here. If you are also planning to visit Mussoorie, then you must know about the delicious local cuisine and street food of Mussoorie found here.

Tourists can taste a variety of cuisines in Mussoorie, but Kumaon and Garhwal remain at the center of the food. Prepared using local ingredients, Kumaon and Garhwal cuisines are commonly found in Mussoorie. Many restaurants and food stalls, especially near the market, specialize in this food as well.

In the past, now you will see changes in the local cuisine here, now you will also get to see dishes from Tibetan food to South India, which attract more tourists visiting here. This article will give you an in-depth look at the local cuisine and street food of Mussoorie. So, the next time you want to try something new or the local cuisine here or choose something that is popular with the locals, try our suggestions below.

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Famous Local Cuisine of Mussoorie

Whenever it comes to Uttarakhand, the cuisine of that place is also very much liked, whether it is about Jhangure ki Kheer or Manduve roti and sesame chutney or it is about hemp chutney. The traditional food quality and quality of Uttarakhand. It is considered very beneficial in terms of health. Not only in India but also in foreign countries like Manduwa, Jhangora, Kale Bhat, Gath, Sesame, etc. are making their own market.

Among the famous local Cuisine of Mussoorie, you will find Bal Mithai of Almora, Manduwa and Barley ki Roti, Kulath ki Dal, Pumpkin Raita, Sesame Chutney, Jhangore ki Kheer, Meetha Bhaat, Dumpling, Toor Dal, Jhangora, and others in Garhwal and Kumaoni dishes. After eating the greens of Kandali, tourists from all over the country and abroad become a fan of their taste.

Famous Sweet Corn of Mussoorie

Famous Sweet Corn of Mussoorie
Famous Sweet Corn of Mussoorie

Open sky, a blanket of fog spread in the atmosphere, and a soft wind blowing softly. In such a situation, the fun of eating corn alone or with a partner while walking on the Mall Road of Mussoorie or sitting on a bench is something else. In any season you come to Mussoorie, the smell of corn on the Mall Road will make the mind swell.

Every season more than a hundred people sell corn in places like Library Chowk, Ambedkar Chowk to Mall Road, Jhulaghar, Kuldi Bazar, Picture Palace, Landour, Lal Tibba, Company Garden, Camel’s Back Road, Kempty Falls, etc. Huh. Corn is their main source of income. But, last year due to Corona infection, due to the lockdown, and this year due to Kovid curfew, they could not sell the corn sitting on the track. However, now after the relaxation in Kovid curfew, gradually they have started business on track.

The local people who sell corn on the Mall Road get the corn from the southern states during the non-growing season here. From the month of August, they bring organic corn from nearby villages. Here raw corn comes at the rate of 40 to 50 rupees per kg. Three to four corns go up in a kilo. They are sold for Rs 50 per corn after roasting on fire or boiling in water.

If the crowd is more on weekends, then 25 to 40 corns are sold daily and on normal days 20 to 25 corns are sold. Do you know that there is also a corn village in Mussoorie where you will find corn cobs hanging in front of every house, not only this, people come from far and wide to see this village. Corn Village Senji and Bhatoli are about 16 km away from Mussoorie. It has got a unique identity because of its unique tradition.

Aloo Gutuk and Poori

Aloo Gutuk, an important part of the main food of Uttarakhand, is such a famous dish that you will find it in every part of the country. Every household in Uttarakhand has its own way of making it, yet it is prepared with boiled potatoes and garnished with red chilies and coriander leaves, and served with bhang ki chutney, puri, and kumauni raita.

This dish will satisfy your hunger as well as satisfy your soul, which after eating will make you feel hungry to eat again and again. You can also enjoy it in Mussoorie if you are looking for local food in Mussoorie, then you must eat this which is made by the local people only.

Street Food of Mussoorie

Mussoorie is famous for being a world-famous tourist as well as for its delicious cuisine. Here you will find a unique collection of famous hymns from all over India, along with Tibetan cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Moroccan, Goan cuisine, which is also available. Seeing the Tibetan cuisine, your mouth will be watering, now whenever you come, definitely enjoy the Tibetan cuisine and other food. Know about the street food of Mussoorie-

Momos – Veg and Non-Veg

Kalsang restaurant Momos
Kalsang restaurant Momos

Steamed dumplings filled with chicken or meat, this dish is served with red or green spicy chutney. The stalls near the Tibetan market in Mussoorie serve and make the best momos. Here you have both veg and non-veg options available. Momos are the most popular steamed street food.

These spicy momos, when eaten dipped with spicy garlic chutney, provide an absolute delight to momos lovers. You get to eat momos in Mussoorie from small food stalls to big restaurants, everyone has different tastes, among them there is a Kalsang restaurant where Tibetans often enjoy food and momos.

Cakes and Pastries

Cakes and pastries are one of the most popular and favorite baked goods in the world. Children and adults too are crazy about them. It is impossible to celebrate any memorable moment without them. There are many varieties of both cakes and pastries and each variety is wonderful in its own right. Landour Bakehouse in Mussoorie is one famous bakeries shops in Mussoorie that have an excellent offering of cakes and pastries. Both shops are family businesses and have been in existence for many years.

Apart from cakes and pastries, these bakeries also sell jams and biscuits, apart from these you get to see other bakeries shops. You know Dehradun and Mussoorie are famous all over the world for their bakeries shops and their demand is also very high, here you have very old family business going on continuously even today.


Hearing the name of the kebab makes everyone’s mouth water. Mussoorie in the evening near Mall Road, you will find many street food vendors cooking delicious kebabs. Served with naan, bread, and chutney, these kebabs are fresh and hot off the grill or can be enjoyed with green chutney. You can enjoy kebabs at their best during winters in Mussoorie. You can taste both veg and non-beige kebabs near Mall Road Mussoorie.

Famous Maggi Point of Mussoorie

You went to Mussoorie, the queen of mountains and it is not possible to eat Maggi made in 2 minutes there. The cold winds of Mussoorie and the hot Maggi amidst the mountains bring water to the mouth. Maggi of the Queen of the Mountains is the first choice of not only the youth but also the old people. If you are driving on the Dehradun-Mussoorie road, then once you cross the Shree Prakasheswar Shiva Mandir, and you will also reach Mussoorie, you can see the many Maggi points.

The craze of ‘Just Two Minute Maggi Noodles’ has increased in the tourist city of Mussoorie to such an extent that Maggi points have opened on every road leading there. A lot has changed in the last two decades from Doon to Mussoorie, if nothing has changed then the taste of Maggi Point. Even today hundreds of youths do not forget to visit Old Maggi Point of Mussoorie Road.

Today we see many Maggi shops in Maggie Point located on Mussoorie Road. Tourists coming from the plains along with the youth of Mussoorie and surrounding areas also have a lot of inclination towards Maggi Point. If it is said that tourists do not consider their journey complete without visiting Maggi Point, then it will not be wrong.

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