Khirsu, a beautiful hill station in Pauri

Khirsu, a beautiful hill station in Pauri Garhwal: When it comes to going to the mountains in India, many travelers and people who visit Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand come to mind. Those who are wanderers describe Himachal as more beautiful.

Khirsu, a beautiful hill station in Pauri
Khirsu, a beautiful hill station in Pauri

Uttarakhand is seen only for religion and faith. But there is a hill station in Uttarakhand which comes equal to Himachal in terms of beauty. Where you will get views of mountains surrounded by snow, forests, and apple orchards. All this is seen in the small village of Pauri Garhwal, Khirsu.

Khirsu, a beautiful hill station

The snow-capped mountains of Khirsu offer a panoramic view of the central Himalayas and attract a large number of tourists. From here one can have a clear and beautiful view of many known and unknown peaks of Uttarakhand. Khirsu is situated at an altitude of 1,700 meters, 19 km from Pauri, a pollution-free and peaceful place. Only the chirping of birds disturbs the serenity of the surrounding oak, deodar, and apple orchards. Here you are provided with accommodation in Tourist Rest House and Forest Rest House.

Khirsu is that hill station of Uttarakhand which has been explored very little. Slowly now this place is becoming famous and people like to come here on vacation and then on weekend destination. Khirsu Hill station is situated at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level in the Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. You can celebrate the weekend by roaming this beautiful hill station anytime.

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Khirsu Village Walking Tour

In cities, we have a habit of going by car and our eyes remain on the mobile. If you come here after removing these two things, then you should visit this beautiful village.

This beautiful village is situated amidst a forest full of oak, deodar, pine, and birch trees. Here you will relax the valleys, this place makes you feel nature. Here you can see the forest while walking. Two kilometers from the middle of the forest from Khirsu to Chaubatta. The road is the most beautiful way to this place. You will get the experience of seeing the forest from inside here. There are also wild animals in the forest here but they are quiet inside.

Khirsu Hill Station
Khirsu Hill Station

Wandering for hours in these forests of oaks and burans will make you happy. The forests here are full of different types of herbs and birds. When the sound of birds is heard in the ears, it sounds like a piece of melodious music. While walking, definitely watch the sunset here in the evening. The sun goes down from the mountains just as we come down from the roof. You will remember this sight of the redness of the sun for the rest of your life.

View of Himalayan peaks from Khirsu Hill Station

The views here are the best in the Khirsu Hill Station in Pauri Garhwal. The best of them all is the view of the many peaks. It is really beautiful to see more than 300 peaks covered with snow.

There are many peaks which you cannot recognize even by looking at them. The view of Trishul, Nanda Devi, Nandkot, and Panchuli Peak can be seen only in Khirsu. You will not believe that you are seeing those peaks in front of your eyes that you only heard about. All these views make your visit to Khirsu Hill Station successful. There are two viewpoints to see these views. One, Farkunda Point, and the other is Chaukhamba View Point.

Well, this place is for all kinds of people. Those looking for a great weekend getaway, those looking to do a road trip, and those looking for an adventure spot. You can do camping here for adventure and trekking also starts from here. One can go to Farkunda Peak for trekking here.

Apart from this, there are also many parks for the family to spend time with your family. You can see many species of birds in Rakhisu here. This place is famous for its natural beauty and bird-batching.

Basa Homestay- Khirsu Pauri

Pahari style Basa Home stay Khirsu
Pahari style Basa Home stay Khirsu

Built with local stones, Uttarakhand’s Pahari style and wood, Basa Home Stay is designed with an aim to give the tourists an experience of Garhwali lifestyle with a community kitchen in which Garhwali food is served on the tourists’ plate and sitting in the kitchen. The taste of local delicacies like Chaisa, Kafli, Madhuwe ki Roti, Jhangore ki Kheer, Raita etc. is conveyed to the tourists.

This home stay is run by Unnati Mahila group in which 15 women work. This home stay not only provides employment to the local people but also provides a platform to sell the local products produced by them. The stone carvings in it are worth seeing. It looks exactly like a hill palace.

Activities to do in Khirsu Hill Station

You can do the following activities in Khirsu:-

  • Great spots for nature lovers– Many species of birds are seen in Khirsu and this place is also famous for its natural beauty and sighting of different types of birds. This place is home to many species of birds. Waking up to the chirping of birds and the color of sunlight on top of mountains rejuvenates the soul.
  • Trekking and hiking- If you have to do trekking in Khirsu Hill station, then there is a hill in the height at this place which is called Furkanda Point. From Furkanda Point one has a panoramic view of Khirsu, High Peak and its surrounding villages.
  • Rural Village Tourism:- Khirsu is one of the hidden jewels of Uttarakhand and due to low tourist activity, this place is less visited during the years. Khirsu and its surrounding villages offer perfect opportunities to experience the rustic yet peaceful life in the hills.
  • Nature Walk:-
    If you really want to experience nature in its true essence, then you must visit this place. Here you can see different types of birds and different types of plants. Walking through the forests and villages here will make your day enjoyable. Being surrounded by natural beauty in the form of dense forests of pine, oak and deodar, the beauty of Khirsu gets four moons and this view is very attractive. Nature moves through the forest to the nearby villages, due to which natural excursions in Khirsu are quite popular.
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Places to visit near Khirsu

Pauri Hill station

There are hills on all sides and “Pauri” in the middle. It is a very beautiful place in Uttarakhand. “Pauri” is a district of Uttarakhand state. The headquarter of this district is Pauri. This district is located in the central Himalayas in the Kandolia hills. Situated at an altitude of 1750 meters above sea level, it is also known as “Pauri” hill station. The environment of Pauri remains very pleasant throughout the year.

Kandoliya/Kandolia Temple

This holy temple is situated at a distance of about 2 km from the city of Pauri. The main deity of the temple is Kandoliya who is himself known as Adiyogi of Lord Shiva. There are many folklores associated with this temple, which makes it more special, it is believed that once Lord Shiva had come in the dream of a local person of the village and he had ordered that his abode should be made higher somewhere. After this the temple was built.

Gharial Devta Temple

This is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Due to the spiritual significance of this temple, a large number of devotees from all over the country come to this temple throughout the year. It is interesting to know that in this temple, turmeric is used as an offering to the Lord. Also, the color red is prohibited in the temple.

Devalgarh Road

Devalgarh Tourist Place is a very spiritual village located in the Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. Dewalgarh is known as an ancient pilgrimage site, which was established in 1512 by Raja Deval of Kangra. The city of Devalgarh is known as the home of temples built from ancient architecture.

The most prominent temples in these temples are Raj Rajeshwari Devi Temple, Gaura Devi Temple, Laxmi Narayan Temple. All these temples are built of stone and have archaeological inscriptions on them. Devalgarh is situated at a short distance from the famous popular tourist destination Khirsu. Devalgarh is famous as the magnificent wonder of Uttarakhand, situated at a distance of 19 km from the city of Chamdhar in Srinagar.

Best time to visit Khirsu

For the beautiful peaks of the Himalayas, for a walk in the village, and to see the gardens, Rikhisu is a great place. April to October is the best time to see Khirsu. At that time the sky is clear and there is a beautiful view. It is very risky to go in the rainy season and in winter this place gets filled with snow. If you want to see and experience the snowfall, you should go between November and January.

You can visit this place depending on your mood. If you are looking for relaxation in the summer season, you can visit Khirsu in the summer months. If you want to see snow, then the months between December and January would be the best time for you. Apart from this, the summer season is considered suitable for visiting this place.

How to reach Khirsu Hill Station?

Khirsu is an enchanting hill station in Uttarakhand where you can catch a glimpse of the abundance of nature. Due to its amazing beauty, many tourists come here. Located at an approximate distance of 332, 1,769, 1,563, 2,448 km from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru. You can reach here by the following modes of transport.

Reach Khirsu by Road

Khirsu is well connected to other states of India by road. You can easily reach Kotdwar, Dehradun Rishikesh, Haridwar to Pauri by local buses. Apart from this, you can also consider local taxis and cabs from Pauri.

  • Delhi -Meerut-Bijnor-Kotdwar–Pauri – 8 hr 38 min (355.0 km) via NH534
  • Delhi-Muzzffarnagar-Roorkee-Haridwar-Rishikesh-Srinagar 8 hr 42 min (374.0 km) via NH 7

Reach Khirsu by Air

If you are looking for an air route to Khirsu, then the nearest stop here is Jolly Grant of Dehradun, which is located at a distance of about 145 km from Khirsu. This airport is well connected to Delhi, Lucknow. Also, many cabs, taxis, buses, etc. will be available to go from here to the destination.

Reach Khirsu by Train

The nearest railway stations to reach here are Rishikesh, Haridwar, and Kotdwar. The nearest railway station is Khirsu in Kotdwara. The distance from Kotdwara to Khisu is approximately 114 kms. Is. From Kotdwar you can come by booking a taxi. You can also come here by Uttarakhand Transport Corporation bus.

But Haridwar would be a good option for you because there is less movement of trains in Rishikesh so Haridwar can be a better option for you. Located at a distance of about 106 km from Haridwar, which you can cover via cabs.

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