Famous Kumaoni Raita Recipe of Uttarakhand

Famous Kumaoni Raita Recipe of Uttarakhand: Raita is an essential part of food in Indian households. Wedding-marriage, anniversary, naming-birthday, pooja-Patha or any festival or you must have got to eat “raita” in a public program with the possibility of more people coming or what do you know this is a famous recipe. Or it could be a dish. “Raita” is also consumed regularly in many homes, especially in summer, most people cannot live without eating it.

Famous Kumaoni Raita Recipe of Uttarakhand
Famous Kumaoni Raita Recipe of Uttarakhand

Well, Raita is a curd-based Indian dish. To make raita, you have to churn the curd and add food ingredients like onion, cucumber, cucumber, tomato, or gram flour, boondi or pineapple, etc. Apart from all this, roasted cumin, asafoetida, and sometimes mint are also added to it. In the summer season, raita served with food not only enhances the taste of food but also increases one’s appetite.

Famous Kumaoni Raita Recipe of Uttarakhand

The popularity of raita and its compulsion in group meals is actually due to the general rules of Indian cuisine. In almost all the states of India, food is considered complete only when it contains a mixture of salty, sour, and sweet.

If there are pulses and vegetables in salty, then pickle, chutney, raita, etc. Sweets are also prevalent at the end of the meal, like Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla, Kheer, Halwa, etc. If you do not get any of these, then sugar with jaggery nuggets or fennel is fine. But among all these food ingredients, raita has earned the most reputation.

Raita is served as a side dish with dishes like Biryani, Kebab, Roti Rice, etc. Even though you may have eaten boondi raita at a wedding, still there is no authenticity as to what raita can be made better with, just understand that if you want to make raita then it needs to have curd.

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For the rest, you can mix boondi, cucumber, or other things with it. But we tell you the recipe of special raita, the famous Kumaoni raita recipe of Uttarakhand which is made in a very special way and only with organic things of Uttarakhand. To date, you must have made or tried many types of raita in your kitchen, but the taste of Kumaoni Raita of Uttarakhand, which is made from the mountain cucumber (काखड़ी/ककड़ी) here, is the most different and tasty.

Famous Raita Recipe of Uttarakhand

Famous Raita Recipe of Uttarakhand
Famous Raita Recipe of Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand’s famous raita recipe is equally liked in the Garhwal division and Kumaon division due to its special taste. In Garhwal, it is called “Railu”; the basic ingredient of this raita is Pahari Kakhdi (Cucumber).

Although raita is usually made in every house in the mountains of Uttarakhand, the thing about Kumaoni raita is unique. Due to being a very tasty and special test, Kumaoni Raita has become a trend not only in Uttarakhand but in the country and abroad to make this recipe. Kumaoni Raite has assumed its distinctive form due to the climate and temperature of this region. The basic ingredient of this raita is Pahari Kakhdi (Cucumber). This cucumber (काखड़ी/ककड़ी) starts to be produced only during the rainy days and with the rains, the temperature in the mountain drops and it starts getting cold.

Kumaoni Raita Recipe

Kumaoni Raita Recipe
Kumaoni Raita Recipe

This attachment towards raita is like this for all types of raita, but if “Kumaoni raita” of Uttarakhand is made, then it has to struggle a lot to get two spoons of it. This extra fascination for Kumaoni Raita is not unnecessary. Some different tastes and fragrances, apart from other raitas, bind the eater in his infatuation.

In all other raitas, where their originality is their sourness, in Kumaoni raita, the characteristic spiciness and aroma of Pahari Kakhdi (Cucumber) with sourness, the pungency of mustard seeds, and the chirping of green chili make it stand out in a different category.

By the way, it is said that curd and its products are cold in effect. Now the delicious raita made from Pahadi Kakhdi is also to be eaten and if its cold effect is to be neutralized, then its break has also been removed. That is from mustard seeds, green chili, and turmeric. It is believed that both mustard and green chili are hot in their nature, so the balance of temperate is established as soon as they meet in cold nature curd and kakhdi. Turmeric did the work of anti-bacterial in this and thus came into existence the world’s unmatched raita. Which is sour, full of unique aroma, and also pungent.

Ingredients of Kumaoni Raita

  • Curd – half Kgs
  • Pahari Kakhdi (Cucumber) – half a kilo
  • Green chili – three to four
  • Fenugreek seed/Mustard seeds – two spoons
  • Turmeric – half teaspoon
  • Cumin – half teaspoon
  • Salt – half teaspoon


1. Peel, wash, and grate the Pahadi cucumber (if it is). Squeeze out excess water.

2. Roast fenugreek seeds. Then grind mustard seeds and roasted fenugreek seeds in a sil batta (an age-old home appliance used to prepare spice mixes for antique Indian Cuisine by crushing) with a small quantity of water to make a paste.

How to make Kumaoni Raita ?

If you really want to make it, then we tell you that this is how Kumaoni Raita Recipe is made. To make Kumaoni Raita, a day or two before a day in a traditional clay or wooden vessel, powdered mustard seeds or mustard seeds are mixed and kept for curdling. In this way, a strong chemical reaction takes place by setting curd.

After setting the curd, add grated cucumber or cucumber and mix salt, chili, and spices according to the need. Along with this, a sprinkling of mustard and jambu is also applied. So it’s ready. By the way, people on the mountain also make it according to their own accord.

Kumaoni raita has a special kind of spicy smell. You will never be able to forget this smell of mustard seeds and mustard seeds. This raita is specially eaten with breakfast in homes. It has the sensation of pure desi rye. The sourness of buttermilk butter, and the taste of mountain-ripened cucumber, make the mouths of good people water.

Garhwal and Kumaon divisions have their own tradition of making Raita

In the Kumaon division of Uttarakhand, raita is specially served in the wedding ceremony, while in Garhwal there is a tradition of eating raita during the Pitrupaksha and also in the marriage ceremony. However, looking at its taste, raita has now become a part of eating on every occasion. Raita is very much liked by the Kumaoni people.

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Cucumber raita is easily available in the fairs and markets of the Kumaon division, whereas in the Garhwal division of Uttarakhand, it is also made of mountain cucumbers, gourd, or onion coriander raita, radish raita, etc. Elderly people in the mountains tell that if you want to taste the real taste of Kumaoni Raita, then make it and keep it covered for 2 hours.

After this, its sensation rises to the head. This means that the older the raita gets after making, the more effective the mustard seed on it and makes it more delicious and tasty.

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