Bal Mithai: Famous Mithai of Almora Uttarakhand

Bal Mithai: Famous Mithai of Almora Uttarakhand. There will be no corner of the world whose dishes do not contain sweets. Talking about India itself, different types of sweets are very famous in different states here. Whether it is Rasgulla of Bengal, Petha of Agra, Peda of Mathura, some state, province, or village-city of India definitely has its own special identity. Similarly, among the sweets of the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand, “Bal Mithai” is very famous, which is very much liked by many people who visit.

Bal Mithai Famous Mithai of Almora Uttarakhand
Bal Mithai Famous Mithai of Almora Uttarakhand

Especially Almora city of Kumaon province of Uttarakhand which is also known as “City of Bal Mithai”. As much as the travelers or tourists who visit the city of Almora admire the beauty of this place, then the famous Bal Mithai of Almora has made a place in the hearts of people who are fond of food.

Bal Mithai: Famous Mithai of Almora Uttarakhand

The way Hyderabad’s Biryani and Lucknow’s Tunde Kebab have become their identity. Similarly, Bal Mithai of Uttarakhand has also become his identity. People do not forget its taste for years after eating sweets that look like chocolate. Today we will tell you the history of Bal Mithai, which has become the identity of the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand.

It is also called the chocolate of Uttarakhand. A chocolate that is not made from cocoa beans, but from khoya. The specialty of this Mithai is that it feels crunchy and soft to eat. The taste of this sweet is so wonderful that it has become the favorite sweet of the tourists and the people here, now the discussion of this sweet is seen in the country and abroad, the people of Uttarakhand living there make it or they must have been ordered by someone. is.

This “Bal Mithai” Looks Like Chocolate

Bal Mithai chocolate of Uttarakhand
Bal Mithai chocolate of Uttarakhand

You must have eaten chocolates from a well-known company like yourself, but you will still be away from eating this chocolate, it is a special child sweet of Almora, Uttarakhand. If a “Dairy Milk/KitKat Chocolate” and a “Bal Mithai” are placed in front of you, then the first-time eater or see it is called chocolate.

It is not made from any cocoa bean or cocoa powder, but is made from “khoya”. Bal Mithai is also called chocolate of Uttarakhand and it is traditionally made by the people of Almora. The specialty of Bal Mithai is that it looks crispy to eat. The taste of this sweet is so wonderful that it has become the favorite sweet of tourists and people here.

It is believed that the protein in this Mithai is such a natural adjustment of lactose, glucose, and fat that it contains 5 times more nutrients than pure milk. Due to its flexibility, it is very easy to eat.

Where did “Bal Mithai” come from in Almora, Uttarakhand?

If you are fond of food and have eaten it, then this thing must have come to your mind, after all, from where in Uttarakhand this Mithai looks like chocolate? What is its history? The local people here say that this sweet came to Uttarakhand from Nepal in about the 7th-8th century. After that, there is no evidence of how it reached Almora, but it has now become the identity of Almora. The local people also believe that Bal Mithai may have been the main offering to the Sun God in the beginning, or whatever it may have been, but it has given Almora a new identity.

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Credit goes to Jogaram for starting Bal Mithai

Lala Jogaram is credited with popularizing the Mithai in the 20th century, who hails from the same. Local people tell that his shop used to be in the Lal Bazaar of Almora. At that time, these sweets were made only in his shop, often people who used to come and take sweets from here.

Very few people know this thing too, how did it come into vogue? Local people tell that Jogaram Ji used to get special milk from a village famous for dairy products to make Bal sweets. The name of this village was Falseema. He used to make “Khoya” from the milk that came from here. Before this, he used to prepare brown barfi, and then later he used to wrap poppy seeds soaked in sugar syrup, gradually it became quite popular and its demand also started increasing among people.

There are more interesting facts about “Bal Mithai”

There is also an interesting fact in this regard that the Britishers liked the sweets of Almora very much. The local people here say that the British officers used to send sweets as a gift to each other on the occasion of Christmas or hospitality, but now who remembers the past.

How to make a special “Bal Mithai”?

You have already read about your “Bal Mithai”, now we tell you the process of making it. Khoya, ghee, water, sugar, white sugar balls, or poppy seeds are required to prepare this delicious “Bal Mithai Recipe“.

  • To prepare this delicious “Bal Mithai” recipe from Almora, heat a non-stick pan or an iron skillet on low flame. Put the khoya in the pan and cook the khoya on low flame till it turns dark brown in color.
  • Take another “pan” or heat water and sugar in it until the sugar is completely mixed (sugar)
  • Once the khoya turns dark brown in color, add sugar according to it and cook again. Remember keep stirring it. So that it does not burn and cook till the sugar dissolves. Now slowly add thin syrup. Mix it until all the water gets mixed with the khoya.
  • Now cook it again for 5-8 minutes. Take it out on a plate and spread with a spoon. If the mixture leaves the plate when it cools down then it is ready. You can make it in any shape, mostly it is shaped like a bar of chocolate.
  • Cut into rectangular pieces and roll them in sugar balls or Khas-Khas and now your famous Mithai of Almora is ready, now you can serve this recipe. Today this Sweet┬áis eaten with great fervor not only in India but also in countries like America, Germany, Australia.

More than 50 Bal Mithai shops in Almora

Bal Mithai Shop
Bal Mithai Shop

In today’s new era where no city or village has remained untouched in social media. Almora of Uttarakhand is also included in it, today most of the shops here are easily found by searching “Famous Bal Mithai Sweet Shop” or “Bal Mithai Shop in Almora” on Facebook, Google and most of them are in the name of Bal Mithai.

This Mithai is available at more than fifty places in Almora city. This pearl-grain sweet, studded with bright, brown barfi, creates a distinct contrast at the counter. Bal Mithai Box of Almora is also locally manufactured which is made in light red color. There is clear information on which is the famous sweets of Almora.

Singori: A famous sweet of Almora Uttarakhand

Almora district of Uttarakhand is one of the famous tourist places for its lush green mountains and famous tourist places. So another sweet Singauri has been invented from the same cultural and historical city of Almora. In 1865, the Sah family first started selling sweets in Lala Bazaar. On Diwali, what about the sweets here? There is a demand for sweets of Almora in the country and the world. Tourists coming to Almora take Bal Mithai, Singori, and Khechua here.

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